Smile Lite Shade Taking Set

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Without the proper tool, shade-taking can become very risky and cause a source of failures when producing an aesthetic restoration. Several factors can influence an incorrect perception of true colors, like ambient light (intensity, quality) and the working environment. Even human factors like the level of stress or fatigue on the eye can cause shade-taking errors.

Smile Lite is a revolutionary tool which brings you RELIABILITY, SIMPLICITY and EFFICIENCY - it allows you to drastically reduce the risk of mistakes during shade-taking.

  • Equipped with 5500°K (daylight) calibrated L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes), Smile Lite provides natural and neutral light, stable and reliable regardless of the time of the day or the weather outside (sunny or cloudy).
  • Light quality of Smile Lite allows you to determine with ease and security the hue, value and chroma of
    natural teeth. It also makes the inner structure of the teeth much more comprehensible.
  • The rectangular view finder through which the operator observes the teeth clearly delimits the working area in order to avoid any outside interference (other light sources, disturbing colors).
  • Allows for the possibility of the dentist (shade matching) and the ceramist (control of the prosthesis) to both use Smile Lite during their everyday practice and work using the exact same light quality, i.e. exact same references : optimizes communication between dental office and dental laboratory.

Smile Lite uses powerful, high quality surface-mounted L.E.Ds that last 30,000-50,000 hours. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery is integrated ; charge is done with the supplied mini-USB cable, connected either to your PC or simply plugged into the wall.

Smile Lite is very simple to use - just one on/off button. It is very light weight, compact and ergonomic.

Dimensions : Length 180mm
See thru window : 48x28mm
Weight : 105g
LEDs : (6) SMD type LEDs - longlife (30-50'000 hours)
Light temperature : 5500°K - natural daylight

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