Last Reviewed: 5th July 2016

The definitions in these terms and conditions may include generic terms such as ‘Company’, ‘Purchaser’, and ‘Client’. These terms are defined below to ensure no misunderstanding:

  • Company refers to Alphabond Dental Pty Ltd, ABN 79 069 746 498
  • Purchase & Client refers to the buyer, customer, or recipient of any goods and or services by the Alphabond company at any time that is subject to the terms and conditions outlined below.

Outline of terms & conditions

In general, the below terms and conditions refer to the quotation and or sale of goods by our company along with any contact with our staff and or services (be it online or otherwise). Your use of our website and services constitutes your agreement to all such terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Modification of terms and conditions

We may vary these terms and conditions at any time and we reserve the right to do so in that the newly modified terms and conditions will affect all products and services from that point onwards.

Third Party Content

The Alphabond website may contain links or host content that links to other websites or documents, including product manufacturer websites, catalogues, item information, and more. Alphabond takes no responsibility in the content of these ‘third-party’ websites and documents, and are included on our website for the convenience of the customer. Alphabond takes no responsibility for any malicious attacks, undesirable or offensive content, or communications obtained while browsing any third-party content.

Unlawful Use

As a condition of use of our website and services, you must agree that you won’t use our website, its content, or our services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms and conditions either under federal law (Australia) or state law (New South Wales). You must agree that you will not damage, impinge, disable, burden, or impair the functioning of our website, services, staff, or other customers of ours. You may not attempt to obtain information not otherwise available in the public domain in a way that would be considered unlawful in a court of law.


Any and all prices and or price lists may change without notice due to changes in market conditions. The prices payable by the customer are the company’s price ruling at the date of purchase. Certain market dependent products such as alloys will vary in price almost daily, and thus static prices are not publicly accessible and a query will need to be made with our staff to obtain current prices on such products.

All prices listed on the website are exclusive of GST, unless otherwise directly specified on the item’s page in our website.


All prices listed and visible on the website do not include shipping expenses payable by the customer and any queries regarding freight charges and shipping instructions will need to be discussed directly with our staff before the order is processed.


Alphabond makes every effort to ensure product availability at the time of purchasing by customers, however there may be occasions when the company may not be able to completely fulfil an order by the purchaser. Whilst Alphabond makes every effort to backorder goods from our suppliers and ensure they reach the customers who have pending orders, we cannot guarantee that the suppliers will always be able to provide these goods to our company due to factors such as but not limited to product redundancy, manufacturer shortage, international blockade, airline & shipping strikes, etc.


Unless otherwise agreed to in writing with the manager of Alphabond, payment for any goods and services received by the purchaser must be made to the company before the goods are sent out. This applies to customers whom do not hold an account with Alphabond, as well as customers ordering through select mediums or who meet particular criteria at the discretion of the manager of Alphabond. The specific facets of the payment deadlines and methods can be discussed with members of the Alphabond staff.


If in the event of loss or damage to goods that have been shipped from Alphabond to the purchaser, the action to be taken is dependent on the responsible party. Negotiation with the Alphabond staff will be necessary to arrive at an acceptable course of action for both the purchaser and the company, and the Alphabond staff will make every effort to accommodate mistakes on our end.


Any information regarding products, services, manufacturers, etc. displayed on our digital services (website, online advertisements, etc.) may be inaccurate due to typographical errors, changes over time, or website errors. All information provided digitally is done so as is, and Alphabond does not take responsibility for the mistakes of the type mentioned above.

Information provided by Alphabond including advice or recommendations should not be relied upon for personal, medical, legal or financial decisions and you should always consult the appropriate professional in these fields.