Bego - Wirobond® 280 - 1000g

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Contents: 1000 g

Wirobond® 280 is setting new standards in the non-precious metal-to-ceramic alloy segment because, with a Vickers hardness of 280 HV10, it can be finished to a particularly high standard

• Extremely corrosion resistant thanks to the optimal interaction of the indispensable elements chrome and molybdenum

• Very good melting and casting properties

• No prolonged cooling necessary*, even with large spans

• Secure bonding with ceramics

• High strength irrespective of the span size, and therefore a wide range of indications

• Reliable processing in accordance with the proven BEGO system

• Biocompatibility examined by an independent institute and confirmed with a bio certificate

Product details

Density [g/cm3] -  8.5

Coefficient of thermal expansion [10-6 K-1] 25–500 °C -  14.0

Coefficient of thermal expansion [10-6 K-1] 20–600 °C  - 14.2

Preheating temperature [°C]  - 900–1000

Casting temperature [°C] -  approx. 1500

Melting range [°C] -  1360–1400

Vickers hardness (HV10) -  280

Composition in % by mass

Co 60.2 · Cr 25 · W 6.2 · Mo 4.8 · Ga 2.9 · Si, Mn each < 1




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