Blocking Wax

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Bego - Blocking out wax 70 g
Blocking out wax tailored to the particular requiments of the partial denture technique This wax was developed for blocking out undercuts, creating clasp steps and relieving critical areas of the model This blocking out wax can be easily scraped and cut, is hard and thus ensures the dimensionally - stable, well defined reproduction of clasp steps on the investment model The boiling out temperature of approx. 90 degrees Celcius, the setting ..
Yeti - CUTEX BOND block out wax not suitable for casting technique - does not burn without residue
Contents: 45 g - To block out dies and bite guard splints - Spacers hold on wax - Very hard consistency - Melting point of 94°C - "Compact-Cylindre“ CUTEX BOND can be applied before or after the DIE SPACER Please click image below, to view product video   ..
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