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Renfert - Vibrax Vibrator - R1830.0000
Vibrax processes thin fluids as well as viscous materials optimally. This vibrator has a completely new conceptional design and has not only a high standard of vibration, but is also very easy to use. Constantly adapting vibration performance Two-wave unit: fine vibrations with full-wave, stronger vibration with half-wave, the correct power for every viscosity. Four intensity levels for fine adjustment: sufficient bandwidth for all materials which need pouring. Easily adjust..
An optional vibrating ball is available, for example, casting rings can be tilted at the required angle to the flowing material without having to hold their rim awkwardly on the platform top. The mixing bowl can also be vibrated with the casting ring, which is especially useful if the material has started setting. (Please note Vibrax Vibrator sold separately) Item code: R1830.0001 ..
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