Polishing Disc 100mm 15-ply Zeta

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HATHO Polishing Buffs are offered in an extensive range of filling materials. Muslin, Flannel, microfiber-leather and ZETA-cloth are only a few. There is an ideal buff for every possible dental polishing or shining procedure. The unique design of HATHO’s UniFix centre guarantees that the buff is centred on a conical spindle and will run true.

HATHO also offers their unique removable ring design. This sacrificial ring system ensures lateral stability. With HATHO buffs, all dental materials can be polished to a high shine.


Soft goat hair, medium horse hair, hard Chung King bristles, fine crimped steel, brass wire and fine cotton thread are all available filling materials within the HATHO Mini End brush line. The specially designed shape allows polishing of difficult to reach or inner areas of telescope crowns, tapered crowns and attachments.


With their brush head diameter of 3 or 5 mm (0.12%u201D or 0.20%u201D) HATHO Mini End brushes can easily polish narrow areas such as the inner parts of a lower jaw tapered crown.


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