Paladent 20

Paladent 20


Paladent 20

Dental acrylic for fabrication of full and partial dentures

Paladent 20 &ndash its well-balanced properties make it economical to use and guarantee high-quality dentures at a reasonable price.

Paladent 20 has very good mechanical properties. It can be processed easily without additional equipment.

Its plastic consistency allows the putty to be packed very easily. In addition, it has a very long working time of up to 30 min, allowing the production of several dentures simultaneously.

Paladent 20 has a good colour stability and a low residual monomer.

These points guarantee that the patient can wear the denture for many years without any problems. The colours such as R50 are excellent colour matches to all other Heraeus Kulzer denture materials while R50 allows individual choice of colour, invisible repairs and extensions.