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 3D Laser scanning spray - 400ml
To achieve optimal test results with 3-D Laser Scanning it is often necessary to apply an antireflection coating. Our 3-D Laser scanning Anti-Glare Spray and 3- D Laser scanning Cleaner is especially designed for this purpose. Due to its fine grained structure it is possible to apply evenly layers of minimal thickness. The 3-D Anti-Glare Spray is the right product to meet the required accuracy of laser technology. Operation: Before measuring clean the surface with 3-D Laser scanning Clean..
Renfert - Scanspray 200ml
For all optical scanner systems and thanks to the optimised dry spray technique it is now also suitable for scanning impressions. A detailed, precise and completely accurate record of the object due to the prevention of disruptive light reflexions. The optimised dry spray technique (precision spray nozzle together with micro-pulverised colour pigments) produces an even and fine layer over the whole surface, so that even the most difficult to reach areas, such as concave surfaces in impressi..
Zirconzhan Accelerator Spray, 150ml
Accelerator Spray - Used to fast-set glue gel ..
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