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Bredent - DTK Adhesive, Opaque assortment Kit
Bredent - DTK adhesive, Opaque set Dual-hardening composite adhesive for the fixation of dental attachment elements. 1 x 8g double mixing cartridge 10 mixing cannulas brush holder 10 disposable brushes ..
DVA Rocket Accelerator, 2oz pump spray bottle
DVA Rocket Accelerator The DVA Rocket System is a unique, patented, syringe delivery system for cyanoacrylate based (CA) adhesive materials. The system provides precise control for the application of adhesives with a patented “Twister” mechanism. Quantity: 2 ounces NB: Item may require backordering. ..
Bredent - Multisil Primer Bonding Agent, 5mL
The bonding agent is matched to the bond of denture resin and silicone. 5 ml bottle ..
Bredent - Multisil Sealing Agent, 10mL
Multisil sealing agent avoids the accumulation of plaque to the surface and penetration of bacteria into the surface. 10 ml bottle   ..
Kuraray - Alloy Primer metal adhesive, 5ml
ALLOY PRIMER is a metal primer used to increase the bond strength of composite and acrylic resins to gold, base and semi-precious metals, titanium and other dental alloys. It eliminates the necessity of tin-plating and enables excellent bonding to metal surfaces. Its unique chemistry bonds composite or acrylic resins to these alloys. ALLOY PRIMER is very simple to use. Just apply one coat of ALLOY PRIMER to sandblasted metal surface and leave it for a few seconds, then start adhesion ..
DVA Tac Gel

DVA Tac Gel
DVA Tac Gel TacGel is used to hold veneers, crowns, and small castings in place during fabricating and finishing procedures. Its use greatly simplifies the handling of small, difficult-to-handle parts. TacGel, in effect, provides the technician or dentist with a ‘third hand’ during production procedures. While TacGel can be used with any type of restoration; however, in the absence of ‘resting stability,’ TacGel is especially helpful in the handling of veneers. TacGel cons..
Renfert - Multi Purpose Super Glue 10g
The multi-purpose one All-round glue for use with plaster, metal, acrylics and porcelain. Specially for bonding “recently set“ stone (approx. 5-6 hrs after pouring the impression). Ideal for sealing.  Bonds most types of materials used in the dental laboratory (stone, resin, metal, porcelain) Viscosity approx. 14 Info When storing in a cool place (refrigerator) before the first use the unopened glue is processible until maximum date of expiry (batch number) pr..
Keystone - Plastic Preformed Pattern Adhesive, 4oz - KEY1600480
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