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Renfert - Cloth filter
Cloth Filter Long-term filter for use with the Vortex compact 3L dust extractors when connect..
Renfert - Waxprofi - Electric Wax pot For Wax Sheets
The Waxprofi produces improved prosthetic results more efficiently. Instruments and wax are no lo..
Renfert - Dust bag, 5 pieces
Dust bag, 5 pieces ..
Renfert - MT plus Model trimmer (including Maraton trimmer disc), 230 V
The MT plus is a compact yet very high performing model trimmer that can be employed for either w..
Renfert - Catalytic converter for Magma Furnace
The optional catalytic converter is centrally controlled from the oven and is intelligently integ..
Renfert - Ceramicus Brush - size 2/ 0, 2 pieces
Ceramicus New-type brush bristles – exclusively from Renfert – with properties superior t..
Takanishi Opaquing brush 2 pieces
Bristles only half as long as usual staining brushes. Precise take-up and application o..
Renfert - Profi, Size 6, 1 piece
High quality porcelain brush made from A1 quality Kolinsky natural bristles. Finest brist..
Renfert - ERGO Ceramic, Spring tip (small blade), 2 pieces
Fine modelling in hard-to reach places. For opening interdental spaces. ..
Renfert - Jacketgrip, curved
Tweezers for a secure hold on crowns and bridges. Replaceable, fine diamond tips. E..
Renfert - Dia Finish L Impregnated Hard Knife Edge Polishing Wheel - Ø12mm , 12pieces
Dia-Finish L CONTENTS: Hard Knife-Edge Wheel 12pieces Two in one: polishing instrume..
Renfert - Plastercut 30mm - Seperating Disc
Plastercut Diamond coated separating disc for cutting out dies from the plaster arch. ..
Renfert - Seperating Disc 0.5mm
Dynex Extremely robust separating discs with double, cross linked, high-tec fibreglass reinfo..
Renfert - Bi-Pin Long With Sleeve And Spike 100pieces
Bi-Pin long / short with sleeve and spike High-lustre nickel plated model pin with dual guida..
Renfert - Smart-Pin Drill Bit, 3 Pieces
Smart-Pin drill bit For use with a pin drill unit for drilling pin holes. specificall..
Renfert - Pico-Mark Varnish Thinner 30ml
Pico-Mark Washable articulating liquid for identification of trouble spots in crowns and seco..
Renfert - Opal L High Lustre Polishing Paste 35g
Opal L White high-lustre polishing paste for all facing acrylics using a handpiece. p..
Renfert - GEO, Cast Model Modelling Wax Standard Turquoise/Transparent 75g
GEO Cast Model Modelling standard/transparent For modelling cast model sections on the in..
Renfert - GEO, Preformed Normal Ring Clasps 200pieces
GEO Ring clasps Clasp profiles in bended shape that runs conically to produce ring clasp..
Renfert - GEO, Casting Wax Smooth 0.35m, 15sheets
GEO casting wax smooth Turquoise, transparent sheet wax with smooth surface. Sheet si..
Renfert - GEO, Preformed Wax Pontics Upper Left Posterior Teeth 24-27, 20 Pieces
GEO Pontics wax pontics A set of pontics for modelling anterior and posterior bridges for..
Renfert - Geo, Preformed Wax Wire Blue/Medium-Hard 4.0mm, 250g
GEO Wax wire An optimal wax mixture makes the GEO wax wire tension-free, thus limiting el..
Renfert - Aktiv-Karbon 10 Pieces
Aktiv-Karbon For regularly cleaning the porcelain furnace by absorbing the oxide deposits dur..
Renfert - Cobra 50 μm Aluminium Oxide - 5kg - R1594-1205
Cobra This abrasive contains one of the hardest materials: aluminium oxide (Al2O3). ..
Renfert – Cobra, Aluminium Oxide 110µm – White 5kg
COBRA 110µm, White 5kg Renfert abrasives are supplied in acrylic canisters or buckets to pre..
Safety burner eco Features: 2 tubes Conical plug technology Sealing greas..
Renfert - Seperating Disc 0.7mm x 40mm
Dynex Extremely robust separating discs with double, cross linked, high-tec fibreglass reinfo..
Renfert  - Dynex Separating Disc 0.2x22mm 20 pieces
Renfert - Die:master Aqua Set
Renfert - Sawblades 75x0.15x5.0mm, 12 pieces
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