Pin Drilling

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Renfert - AUTO Spin 220-240V
AUTO spin, 220-240 V - Pin drilling unit Using the AUTO spin pin drill, precise working models with plastic base plates can be fabricated. The drilling unit is also compatible with other model-making systems like Giroform® or Zeiser®. When uniquely combined with the perfectly matched materials of the AUTO spin model-making system, even the most sophisticated model fabrication is turned into child's play. Advantages Time and cost saving due to reduced use of dental pl..
Zeiser - Pin Drill Unit P10 Laser, complete, 176800
Compensates for dimensional change across the arch which naturally occurs during the die - stone setting phase On a Zeiser base plate, model segments will locate in the exact same tooth position as was recorded at the time of impression Contents: Drill unit with universal plate holder (for large and small base plates) Drill bit, Tools for drill exchange and drill depth adjustments Wireless foot switch for fatigue-free operation Transformer ..
RENFERT - TOP SPIN, 230V - R1840-9990
Top Spin, 230V  The Top spin provides the advantages of precision, reliability and durability. We have been successful in greatly increasing the previous level of quality. You will be fascinated by the unique concentricity, special drill technology and unparalleled dust protection. Advantages Unique shaft bearing technology ensures a drilling accuracy of ≤ 0.01mm. Powerful motor without losing performance during drilling 8,000 rpm. Unique..
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