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Bifa - Dustmatic Extraction Drawer 2000 Filter bag
Replacement Filter Bag ..
Renfert - Plastic dust bags for Vortex-OLD UNIT
Renfert - Plastic dust bags for Vortex 2323 Quantity: 5 pieces Item number: R92923-0003 ..
Renfert - Dustex master plus, High Quality Magnifier with Holder
High quality magnifier Advantages Ground magnifying glass with 2 x magnification. Maximum precision, accurate work and quick control. Flexible swan neck. Quick and easy to assemble.   ..
Renfert - Dustex master plus, Dust Extractor Box
Dust and vapours are extracted directly where they originate: at the restoration .The tilt and slip resistant Dustex master plus protects the technician from splinters, dust and vapours. The sophisticated, ergonomic design and the armrests provide a comfortable working posture for fatigue-free work. Compact and yet spacious the large arm inlets, the spacious inner volume and the easy-to-open glass pane all contribute to providing extensive freedom of movement for efficient work. Time cons..
Renfert - Vortex compact 3L, Suction Extraction Unit
Vortex compact 3L, 230 V incl. 1 filter bag and 3 m of tubing Wet and dry extraction especially for devices High performance, high speed suction turbine with 3600 Watt and 3700 l/min The 2 step filter system class M also protects against hazardous fine dust (fine dust precipitation efficiency of 99%) The Free-Filter-System increases the filter capacity by more than 25% at the touch of a button The wet suction function means it is particularly suited for water coo..
Renfert - Silent COMPACT 230v
Renfert - Silent COMPACT 230v - 29340000   Function & Performance The SILENT compact is a small, workplace extraction unit for one appliance. Advantages No dust bag change due to bagless, fine filter technology, including mechanical filter cleaning function. Easy use due to the intelligent switch-on function controlled by the appliance. Noise level reduced due to a fully enclosed collector motor. Details: Easily built-in due to compact construction..
Renfert - Silent TS2 Extraction / Suction Unit 230 V
Silent TS2 Powerful 2-workstation extraction, quiet and compact The Silent TS2 reliably frees two users (workplaces/units) individually from health-related dust. The intelligent control automatically increases or reduces the suction power as required. The high degree of cost-effectiveness is achieved not only because the Silent TS2 can save the purchase of a second unit but because of the increased service life of the motor and its easy exchange within only two minutes in the lab. The sim..
Bifa - Dustmatic Extraction Drawer
A dust - extraction drawer of optimal quality and design, featuring innumerable advantages and improvements in almost all fields: operation, efficiency, user-friendliness. Operation is fully automatic: on starting the micromotor, the drawer starts operating: on stopping the micromotor, suction switches off after 20 seconds have elapsed. Ergonomic design and construction with first quality materials The working surface is made of beech wood, giving it a modern look, and all..
Contents: Silent V4, Power cable Silent V4, Quattro Control Box, Power cable, Interface cable, Compressed air tube The compact four-workstation extractor Silent V4 provides individual suction power setting, adapted to the actual requirements. All functions can be set via an intuitive, convenient control panel with LCD display. Advantages Extraction for four users saves costs in terms of space and maintenance. Suction power at the four workstations only as required using fo..
Renfert - Waste bag, 5 pieces
Waste bag, 5 pieces ..
Bego - Duostar Plus - Paper Filter Bags - 10 pieces
Bego - Duostar Plus - Paper Filter Bags - 10 pieces Model: BG11275 ..
Contents: 5 Set of filter bags for SILENT ..
Renfert - Extractor switch
Extractor switch For the operation of 2 blasting units. Extractor tube R15-0823 is used for attachment to Renfert units. Adjustable setting via the selector switch for either two or one each extraction sources. Set of mufflers for a fast and easy connection of the extractor switch to the units with no need of tools. ..
Renfert - Dust bag, 5 pieces
Dust bag, 5 pieces ..
Renfert - Vortex 2L Filter Bags - Paper
Renfert - Vortex 2L Filter Bags - Paper Quantity: 5 pieces Item number: R92924-0003 ..
Bego - Korostar Z Sandblaster Extraction
Bego - Korostar Z Sandblaster Extraction Model: BG26370 ..
Renfert - Extractor clamp (without glass shield) - R2925-0000
Extractor clamp With this practical accessory your dental lab work station can be subsequently fitted with an extractor unit. Robust clamp made of beech wood. Secure fixture to work tables of 20-40 mm (0.79-1.58 inch) thickness. Variable connection (right or left) for extractor hose (connection diameter 40 mm / 1.58 inch). Removable sieve to prevent accidental sucking up of work pieces. Removable suction piece. Protective glass available as accessory...
Renfert - Fine filter, 1 piece
Fine filter, 1 piece ..
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