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Alphabond - Steel Bur Chuck 6.3mm (1/4") Diameter (Right-Handed)
The Bur Chuck is designed to be used with small burs and mandrels up to 1/4 inch diameter. Right handed   ..
Bego - Eltropol 300 - Polishing Unit
Eltropol 300 • Automatic recommendation of polishing time for different sizes of framework prevents unnecessary reduction of material • Innovative heating concept quickly brings the unit up to operating temperature • Major time saving thanks to simultaneous polishing of two Co-Cr partial denture bases • User-friendly operating panel with display and soft keys • Indicator to show when the solution in the polishing bath is due to be changed ensures consistent polis..
Alphabond - Red Wing Lathe 28L Chucks
Alphabond - Red Wing Lathe 28L Chucks - NB: Item currently on back-order Polishing Motor built for the technician who requires additional torque 1/3HP 2 speed options:1725rpm 3450rpm Includes 1 RH stone chuck and LH spindle. W- 18.1kg x L- 40cm x D-20cm x H-18cm Item number: UL-EQLH100 ..
Reitel - Poliret Polishing Machine, Suction S
The polishing units POLIRET and POLIRET TWIN with two spindles each are continuously adjustable at speeds ranging from 800 to 4.500 rpm.   The POLIRET TWIN is equipped with two separate motors, each of them offering fully variable speed. The POLIRET range offers economic and precise grinding, polishing, cleaning and brushing of metal and plastic materials. The filter bags of the integrated suction are washable and can be reused.   The LED lamp, offering shadow-free v..
Reitel - Poliret E - Polishing unit - REIT11101
Description The high-quality polishing unit, finished in white coated steel is ideal for fast and ergonomic polishing of all metal and plastic materials in the dental prosthetics field, as well as in other manufacturing industries. The range of application is including grinding, polishing, brushing as well as cleaning metal and other materials. An integrated powerful suction absorbs dust immediately. The filter bags are washable and can be reused. The polishing troughs can easily be r..
Reitel - Poliret mini - Polishing unit - REIT11100
This compact polishing unit requires very little space. it has a right mounted spindle and is suitable for grinding, polishing, cleaning and brushing metal and plastic materials. Optimum polishing results and high efficiency are being acheived by the fully adjustable speed control with a powerful 600 W motor. Specification one polishing spindle made of stainless steel powerful motor with adjustable speed control working lamp dust and waste suction with fleece fi..
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