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Pheos Anti-fog Coated Eyewear 9192305G
Pheos Anti-fog Coated Eyewear 9192305G Black/Green Frame Characteristics: Excellent peripheral vision Lightweight by design with ergonomic features Easily provides additional dust protection Anti-fog coating Item number: OZ9192305G ..
OP-D-OP - White Poly Visor Shield - 456PV-WT
OP-D-OP - White Poly Visor Shield - 456PV-WT Item number: OP-456PV-WT Volume: 3 shields only ..
OP-D-OP - Surgical Shields - 408SS3
OP-D-OP - Surgical Shields - 408SS3 Item number: OP-408SS3 Volume: 3 pieces of the Surgical shield ..
H2O, viscose sponges, 2 pcs All H2O components are independent, which means that you can change the water of the main container without having to touch the storage container… or vice versa. Thanks to the design of the base and the attachment of the storage container, you can decide the position in an angle of 60°, depending on your preference or of the fact you are left or right handed.   ..
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