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Bredent - Dentaclean Denture Cleaning Agent, 1L
1000 ml concentrate to obtain 11 liters of ready-to-use solution. Concentrate for easy removal of plaque, tartar and coatings on dentures. 1000 ml bottle ..
Bredent - Dentaclean Speed Plaster Solvent
Bredent - Dentaclean Speed Plaster Solvent Volume: 1000ml (1 litre) Item number: BR52001010 Dentaclean Speed Plaster solvent is a ready-to-use solution used to remove residue, leaving no trace on all surfaces. This solvent gently removes plaster quickly and does not harm the acrylic surface or shade. Hard plaster is efficiently removed without any damage to the mixing bowl. ..
Bredent - Dentaclean Mixing Liquid for Pumice Powder
Ready-to-use solution for mixing pumice powder with addition of disinfectant. Volume: 5000 ml ..
BDT - Denta Floc Tabs Cleansing Tabs for plaster separator
BDT - Denta Floc Tabs Cleansing Tabs for plaster separator Item number: BDT21002 Quantity: 10 tabs + basket DentaFlocTabs eliminates 99% of all bacteria and therefore no unmpleasant odours occur. The flocculent properties in the DentaFlocTab means over 90% of gypsum are embedded and settled in the plaster separator. The dispensing basket with the DentaFlocTab needs to be hung in the highest chamber of the plaster separator. At least once a week put a new DentaFlocTab in the di..
ABOUT VIRACLEAN: VIRACLEAN passes TGA Option B and kills a broad range of other bacteria including Enterococcus Faecalis (VRE), Acetobacter and Acinetobacter and is also proven effective against Hepatitis B Virus, Herpes Simplex Virus and the Influenza Virus. VIRACLEAN is a major development in advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology from Whiteley Medical. It is the result of years of intensive research and development. A considerable investment in both time and money has been made..
WHITELEY - V-Wipes, Cannister pack, 100pcs
V-Wipes unique formula and high quality apertured fabric allows you to CLEAN & DISINFECT. V-Wipes Benefits: Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes. pH neutral – safe for use on most surfaces & equipment. Highly absorbent Apertured Fabric. Leaves surfaces streak free. Extremely durable. Non Hazardous. Does not contain phenolics or chlorine. Non Flammable. Friend..
Allclear is a leading surface active cleaning agent/radioactive decontaminant for laboratory, medical and specialised industrial applications. The product is particularly suited for the cleaning of laboratory glassware. Allclear is formulated from totally biodegradable ingredients, and is phosphate-free, free rinsing, non-toxic and non-flammable. BENEFITS: Free Rinsing In-built scale inhibitor Phosphate free Formulated from totally biodegradable ingredients, and..
Bactol® Alcohol Gel provides antibacterial hand cleansing without the need for water. It has been specially formulated with a natural emollient to replace the skin's lipids which are removed by alcohol. This helps maintain skin integrity and prevents moisture loss leaving your hands hygienic, soft and replenished. Bactol® Gel has been developed in compliance with EN1500 testing standard for alcohol based hand rubs. It is formulated with an alcohol concentration of 70% Ethanol v/v, as re..
Bredent - Dentaclean Pumice Disinfectant
Bredent - Dentaclean Pumice Disinfectant Volume: 1000ml (1 litre) Item number: BR52000999 Dentaclean Pumice disinfectant destroys all germs. Remains moist and free of germs for two to three weeks without having to be remixed. Contains skin-care additives to protect employees' hands. Contains natural odours which still smell fresh after several weeks. Proven to destroy Hepatitis B and HIV viruses completely, safeguarding the patient's health and laborato..
BDT - Dentafloc 5L
Settlement of the gypsum sludge is substantially accelerated while cleaning is facilitated by using Dentafloc in the gypsum separators.   For all workplaces where gypsiferous waste water occurs collection of the dissolved gypsum parts is unproblematic and easy to carry out. ..
BDT - Denta Floc Tabs Cleansing Tabs for plaster separator - Sample pack
BDT - Denta Floc Tabs Cleansing Tabs for plaster separator - Sample pack Item number: BDT21001 Quantity: 2 tabs ..
Zirkonzahn - Composite Cleaning Liquid
ZirkonZahn Composite Cleaning Liquid Package content: 10 ml Liquid for cleaning of composite framework before build-up of Gingiva Composite Item number: ZZCPAA2030 ..
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