Bego- Non precious alloys - partial denture alloys

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Bego - Wironit® LA - 1000g
Contents: 1000 g Specially developed for laser welding • Wironit® LA – wide range of indications for reliable application in the partial denture and combination technique • Controlled carbon content and the addition of tantalum ensure excellent laser welding properties even in extreme cases • Low thermal conductivity means high wearing comfort for the patient • Thanks to the ductile yield of 8%, clasps can be activated without any problem • Biocompatible a..
Bego - Wironit® extra-hard - 1000g
Wironit® extra-hard The ideal partial denture alloy for combination work • Due to its high elongation limit and tensile strength, this alloy is ideally suited for combination work • Outstanding casting properties thanks to the special composition with silicon and carbon • Very low thermal conductivity of the alloy emphasises the wearing comfort of the prosthesis • Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant – biocompatibility verified by an independent institute Produ..
Bego - Wironit® Cobalt-Chrome - 1000g
Wironit® The classical partial denture alloy for clasp prothesis. Successful all over the world since 1953. Characteristics allow for clasp stability and user friendliness. A Vickers hardness of 330 results in a high luster polish while the yield strength of 6.2 allows flexibility for chair side adjustments. Wironit Extra Hard is great for lower cases and milled work where more strength is needed ..
Bego - WIRONIUM® plus Cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy
Contents: 1000 g Cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy Partial dentures par excellence • Enhanced version of the top-quality alloy WIRONIUM® – can be used universally in the field of combination work and clasp partial dentures • Problem-free processing using the BEGO partial denture system • Very low thermal conductivity means high wearing comfort for the patient • Increased elongation limit and high modulus of elasticity for high resistance to possible deform..
Bego - WIRONIUM® Cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy
WIRONIUM® Cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy • Top-quality alloy, proven worldwide – ideally suited for conventional clasp partial dentures • Excellent flow properties – simple processing • Particularly suitable for laser welding with Wiroweld welding wire thanks to the reduced carbon content • Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant – biocompatibility verified by an independent institute Product details Density [g/cm3] 8.4 Preheating temperature ..
Bego - Talmi Dental training metal - 1 gram
Contents: 1g Talmi Dental training metal • Ideal golden-yellow training metal – for inexpensive training or demonstrations • The mechanical values and working characteristics are comparable with those of a type 2 gold-casting alloy • Easy to process – Talmi can be melted and cast using any casting machine • Talmi is not intended for medical use and must not be used in the oral cavity Product details Preheating temperature [°C] - 700 Casting tempera..
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