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AalbaDent - NPG Casting Alloy 50gr.
NPG™ THE GOLD ALTERNATIVE Introduced in 1987, NPG is the first patented, yellow-gold colored alloy for construction of type 2 restorations. A premium, non-precious casting alloy for fixed crowns, bridges and onlays, NPG is recognized worldwide as the gold alterna- tive—and has been for 25 years.   NPG and NPG+2 are unique alloys; formally the only formulations of their type to be Accepted by the American Dental Association’s Council on Dental Materials, in 1989 and 1998..
AalbaDent - NPG+2 Casting Alloy 50gr
NPG™+2 2% GOLD NPG+2—a premium, base metal type 3 casting alloy with 2% gold for fixed crowns, bridges and onlays. NPG+2 provides 25% greater yield strength than the original gold alternative, NPG. This inclusion of gold in NPG+2 translates into a higher resistance to masticatory force; making NPG+2 an excellent metal sub-structure for any polymer based crown and bridge resin and all other non-ceramic crown and bridge applications.   Comparative evaluations of NPG+2 and N..
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