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Edenta - Screw Type Mandrew 4021HP-6
Suitable for ultra thin cutting discs. Contents: Pack of 6 Sandpaper Mandrel, HP Shank, Nickel plated ..
Eve - Special mandrel, 9533 - M30HP
Contents: Pack of 1 Stainless steel precision mandrel for PIN polishers ..
Eve - Pin Holder, HH500-20HP
Eve - Pin Holder, HH500-20HP Quantity: 10pcs ..
Alphabond - LABM Mandrel For Polishers
Alphabond - LABM Mandrel For Polishers Model: LABMA ..
Eve - Special Mandrels, 130HP, 3mm, EVE-20130P06
Contents: Box of 6 Stainless steel precision mandrels for unmounted EVE polishers ..
Keystone - Arbor Band Mandrel, 1/2" (12.7mm) - KEY1520030
CONTENTS: EACH These mandrels contain silicon carbide abrasive bands designed for aggressive trimming and finishing of acrylics, silicone relines, and other materials.       ..
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